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Please explore my creative work.

I have been a colorist for almost a decade and recently joined Edisen in 2021, bringing with me a deep passion for color that always makes an impression and elevates the essence of the photography. My cinematic sensibility is apparent in a wide array of client work, including Peloton, Mastercard, Intel, Nike, LIFEWTR, Formula 1, Revlon and Clinique. I have over a decade of experience in post-production, spanning many roles: colorist, volumetric filmmaker, AI Creative, and editor.


My main focus for the past 10 years is color-grading, and I'm currently working on TV commercials, feature films and branded content.


I've been obsessed with world building from a young age, and AI content allows me to satisfy this itch.


I have been directing short films and branded content for a few years, and it's where all my skillsets coalesce.


My love for beautiful photography is the most gratifying art I endulge in daily.

My Latest Work

About Me

My style is always shifting in regards to my work as a colorist. I love creating clean beauty looks, gritty 16mm film emulation and very cinematic imagery as well. My photos are inspired by light, color, vintage film stocks, the vibrant NYC and of course most importantly, the stories I’m telling.

I try to enhance the cinematography in service of the story.
I craft bespoke & beautiful images for each client I work with.

I want to craft beauitful imagery and tell life-changing stories. I’m a storyteller 1st, a colorsit 2nd & a world-builder/director 3rd. My life is dedicated to using filmmaking and image creation to make the world a better place. As above, so below.

Beautiful Imagery
I'm a colorist and photographer
Life-changing Stories
I'm a VR world builder & tv/film director
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