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Mercedes AI Project
May 23, 2024

Recently I've been very deep into the potentials of AI for storytelling. Everything from Midjourney to Runway to Stable diffusion. I'm going to attempt to layout what I've been working on with this NeRF to Stable Diffusion commercial process. So firstly I thought about what I could with just a single object. Now normally I wouldn't do this for a commercial purpose but it was sort of a challenge. What can I create using AI and just capture one si...

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Brooks Color Grade
August 17, 2022

Recently I had the honor to work with two amazing filmmakers ( Paul Iannacchino & Eric Zimmerman) on a project for Brooks running shoes. It's a cool little story about a First-Nations woman and her running. But since I've been devloping this Ektachrome look and shooting E100 film with my Canon A-1 I decided to apply that look to this project. The boys didn't quite go for a full on Ektachrome look, so we ended up in a modified, more dynamic vers...

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From 120mm to 35mm
August 8, 2022

Recently I've been trying to emulate more interesting film stocks and so I felt it was a good idea to make my film photography more accesible. What I mean is, my 120mm medium format Hasselblad is amazing, but very hard to capture anything more than portraits and architecture. Obviously you can do more than that, but it's quite cumbersome. So I picked up a Canon A-1 from the same guy in Japan that I got my Hasselblad from. Came in today and I rushed...

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Citrix Formula 1
March 15, 2022

Sometimes you work on fantatsic jobs, other times you work on "just OK" jobs, & then once in a while you work on dream jobs. Well this one was the 3rd option. I'm a huge F1fan and you don't often get to pick what commercials or films come through your door, but this one was so exciting for me. Although admittedly, I'm not a fan of Rebull or Max Verstappen, as I'm a giant Lewis Hamilton/Merceds fan. But nonetheless this was so cool to be able to...

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