Sometimes you work on fantatsic jobs, other times you work on “just OK” jobs, & then once in a while you work on dream jobs. Well this one was the 3rd option. I’m a huge F1fan and you don’t often get to pick what commercials or films come through your door, but this one was so exciting for me. Although admittedly, I’m not a fan of Rebull or Max Verstappen, as I’m a giant Lewis Hamilton/Merceds fan. But nonetheless this was so cool to be able to bring a cinematic feel to this Citrix/Oracle racing commercial. Actually a bulk of the video was pre-shot from some other project and edited together, but I was still determined to make it feel like it was specific to this job. I wanted to give it a very bold look and get you excited to be in the driver’s seat on race day. I think the cool tones on the low end, the bold contrast curve and the well placed skin tones really bring it all together and make it a cohesive and cineamtic piece. Maybe soon I’ll be able to grade the new TV show on Netflix. That would be a serious dream job!