Recently I had the honor to work with two amazing filmmakers (Paul Iannacchino & Eric Zimmerman) on a project for Brooks running shoes. (Video down below) It’s a cool little story about a First-Nations woman and her running. But since I’ve been devloping this Ektachrome look and shooting E100 film with my Canon A-1 I decided to apply that look to this project. The boys didn’t quite go for a full on Ektachrome look, so we ended up in a modified, more dynamic version that gave us a lot more detail. In the end I had a feeling it would end up there, but we were all very thrilled in the end. For me Ektachrome is really about the contrast curve, the grain in extreme lights and how it handles the skintones. I think my EK look is 90% to where I want it to be, but it worked well this time. I’ll continue perfecting it and I’m sure I’ll be applying some version of it to a few more jobs in the future. If you want to hire me to color your job/project I’m currently the senior colorist at Edisen, so reach out to us and we’ll make some magic together. I’ve included some Before/After shots on the blog page if that interests you. HERE: