Recently I’ve been trying to emulate more interesting film stocks and so I felt it was a good idea to make my film photography more accesible. What I mean is, my 120mm medium format Hasselblad is amazing, but very hard to capture anything more than portraits and architecture. Obviously you can do more than that, but it’s quite cumbersome. So I picked up a Canon A-1 from the same guy in Japan that I got my Hasselblad from. Came in today and I rushed out to shoot some Ektachrome (my latest film stock obsession). Also I heard that HBO show Euporia was shot on Ektachrome, so I think I may need to check that show out. But I’ll be posting more of what I capture on this camera on my gallery page very soon. This hobby may be a tad expensive but it actually feeds into my work so I’ve justified it for a while haha. Hoping this will ingrain in my lizard brain exactly how film looks and will increase my look development capabilites.

EDIT: So the first roll on my 35mm had to be halfway sacrificed due to the camera slightly malfunctioning. I was able to get the local reair guy to fix it, but we had to sacrifice half the roll. SAD. But I’ve dropped the best 4 in here, but the full res can be seen on my gallery page: